Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon

My on-again-off-again blogging of photos is back in the "on" state. It amazes me how life can get busy and months fly by like days. Can someone slow this ride down? Picking up where I left off in Spring we are in Bryce Canyon. I had not been to Bryce in years and I had forgotten just how amazing it is. We got to the park in the late afternoon and I took the picture above. It snowed overnight (normal for the end of April) and in the morning we woke up to the canyon covered in snow and full of clouds.

Bryce Canyon

We were worried we might not see anything of the canyon with all the fog but by late morning it had started to burn off and after lunch the fog was gone and we were left with a wonderful moody sky.

Bryce in the fog 2

Bryce Canyon

The clouds parted just enough to give us a little tease of sunset.

Bryce at Sunset

Here are some other pictures from Bryce including one fun picture playing with HDR.

Square root

Bryce 8

Bryce 2

Bryce 4

Bryce at Sunset


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zion National Park

Virgin River, Utah

Our Spring Break was a two-week road trip through Utah and Arizona. Our first stop was Zion National Park.

A cloud-filled sky at sunset.

Zion National Park

The peanuts having fun.

Laura and Mae

The Zombie Monkey Teenager.


Cairns by the Virgin River.


These caterpillars were covering the ground to the point where it was impossible to walk without stepping on them.

Catepillar swarm

Bighorn Sheep climbing the rocks.

Bighorn sheep


Sunday, January 23, 2011

How is it possible that I live here?


Can you say lucky? I can. I find myself constantly amazed and the series of circumstances that have led to me living in this beautiful place. I really can't put it in to words. Wow.

Yesterday we decided to spend the late afternoon through sunset at the beach. I brought my camera and only the wide-angle lens with a plan to get pictures emphasizing line, pattern, texture, or color. I was not disappointed.

You know when the sky looks like this in the late afternoon that it is going to be a good sunset.


I took a few images of the beach and pier but as the sun started to set it was clear the really great photos for the day were waiting about 30 minutes away.


My two youngest were too cute to not get some pictures of while I waited for the sunset.


The pier about 30 minutes before sunset and my 7 yr old playing by the water.


A view of the setting sun from under the pier.


There were probably a dozen photographers by the time the sunset colors had popped about 10 minutes after sunset. I got more than a few funny looks as they all stood there to take the shot and I laid down on my stomach in the wet sand to get mine. It was totally worth the looks, getting soaking wet, and being covered in wet sand to get this perspective of the pebbles on the beach.



Saturday, January 15, 2011

Jelly Beans

Yummy Rainbow crop

I wanted to do a series of photos focused on color. I was going to do flowers but I have so many flower pictures. I am not sure what made jelly beans pop in to my head but the girls nearly exploded when I brought them home. They turned out to be a great subject and a great post-shoot snack. Yummy!

Jelly Beans 1

Purple Jelly Beans 2

One Red Jelly Bean

Orange Jelly Beans 2

Jelly Beans 7


Saturday, January 08, 2011


Rusted leaf spring

Have I mentioned I love old, rusted, and broken things (well, for photographs at least)? One of the best things about the desert is that old things don't decay as fast or get swallowed up by nature like they do in wetter places. I have never yet been disappointed in my old-things explorations on any desert trip.

The ruins of the Marsical quicksilver mine in Big Bend were really great, though somewhat toxic. It is all ok as long as you don't touch anything.

Marsical Mine ruins

Rusted cars dot the desert.

Sunday drive

An old sign in Tombstone was too cool to pass up.

Keep Out sepia

We also found this great container of rusting food cans.



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday is beer making day


For a while now Saturday has been beer making day. I usually act as the assistant but beer making involves a lot of hurry up and wait so I decided I could turn it in to a fun photo shoot too. So, here are some images I took today in no particular order.


Propane tube macro bw

Glass bottle mouth


Orange waves

Ball valve

Bubbles in a glass bottle

Pouring, and pouring, and pouring.


And more pouring

More pouring



The assistant has a tasty beverage while we wait.

Mojito time

The mad scientist... er master brewer... and his assistant captured in a bubble.

Unintentional self-portrait

It looks like beer.

Mmmm beer

The mash once it is done and ready to be composted.



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